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Brand: Otis
This product is out of stock. Estimated in-stock date 09-15-2020. Place your order now for delivery priority! Cleans, lubricates and protects against rust all in one easy application. Removes all traces of lead fouling that can accumulate in your air rifle or pistol's bore. Just wet a patch and pull..
$6.12 $6.95
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Brand: Otis
The Anti-Fog Lens Swab is filled with premium anti-fog lens cleaner. Simply snap the swab at the colored line and watch as the opposite end of the swab fills up with the anti-fog cleaner.Can be used on lenses, scopes, binoculars, eyewear, etc.In stockItem Code: Otis-FG-242-12 [PY-A-2168]..
$4.39 $4.99
Ex Tax:$4.39
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