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FX Crown Continuum, Synthetic Stock

FX Crown Continuum, Synthetic Stock
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FX Crown Continuum, Synthetic Stock
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  • Model: PY-4924-9930
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FX Crown Continuum, Synthetic Stock

  • PCP power plant
  • Smooth sidelever action
  • Superlight STX barrels offer added rigidity, yet are about ½-pound lighter than the previous version
  • Updated breech block with four barrel set screws for more rigidity = better performance
  • Breech block upgrade allows for caliber changes without removing scope
  • Comes standard with 380mm & 700mm barrels
  • Ambidextrous thumbhole stock
  • 480cc carbon-fiber wrapped air tank
  • Fill pressure: 250 BAR (3,625 psi)
  • Foster QD fill attachment
  • Includes a FX stackable ½” UNF moderator
  • Adjustable recoil pad
  • Removeable, high-capacity magazine (18 shots in .22, 16 in .25, 14 in .30)
  • Dual Manometers: one for air tube pressure, one for regulator pressure
  • Shots per fill: 145 (.22), 110 (.25), 45 (.30)
  • Muzzle energy: 30 fpe (.22), 47 fpe (.25), 82 fpe (.30)
  • Max. reported velocity: 920 fps (.22), 900 fps (.25), 850 fps (.30)
  • Upgraded action with integrated Picatinny rail
  • Overall length: 35” (with 380mm barrel), 48.5” (with 700mm barrel)
  • Shipped in hard plastic case with cut-out foam insert
  • Includes one magazine and 3-year transferable warranty

As if FX Airguns wasn’t already offering serious airgunners the royal treatment with its coveted Crown PCP air rifle, the forward-thinking folks there have again upped the high-end airgun ante with the Crown Continuum PCP air rifle. 

Built with a common conundrum in mind, the Crown Continuum ships with two barrels. One is a compact, 380mm barrel that’s well suited for hunters and those needing a shorter, more maneuverable platform. It also comes standard with a 700mm barrel for competitive shooters and when barrel length isn’t a concern. So, for all those indecisive shooters out there, it’s an extremely versatile, range- and field-ready tack driver right out of the box. What’s more, FX gave its already-revolutionary Smooth Twist X barrels an upgrade. The latest-production Superlight STX barrels weigh in about a half-pound lighter than the previous versions, yet offer increased rigidity and enhanced performance.

These updated barrels build on FX’s widely acclaimed Smooth Twist X Barrel system. It’s the Swedish manufacturer’s flagship barrel, enabling shooters to change calibers on the same rifle with the appropriate caliber-change kit. It also allows for different liners to be used in the same caliber to provide enhanced performance with specific ammo.  

From FX: “Both barrels feature the new FX Superlight STX barrels. The Superlight STX uses a newly engineered and imagined barrel housing to hold the STX liner. The liner is no longer housed in a long steel tube, but rather is now placed in a very sturdy barrel attachment section that results in a more rigid barrel. The strength this design imparts to the barrel is part of the reason the Crown can handle a 700mm barrel.”

FX also updated the Crown’s breech block by replacing the 11mm dovetail mount with an integrated Picatinny rail. The action has also received further fortification in the form of four set screws - two on each side - for a more rigid and secure barrel mount. As an added benefit, this also allows the scope to remain mounted when changing barrels. Superlight STX barrel shrouds are fixed. An FX moderator (½” UNF) is included with each rifle. 

All Crown Continuums ship in a hard plastic case with a form-fitting foam liner, one 380mm Superlight STX barrel, one 700mm Superlight STX barrel, one rotary magazine, owner’s manual and 3-year, transferable warranty. 

If you’ve been on the fence about which FX PCP air rifle to add to your collection, the Crown Continuum may have just made your decision that much easier. Join the ranks of air rifle royalty and order yours today.

Body TypeRifle
Caliber.22" (5.5mm)
Cylinder Size480 cc
Fixed/adj. powerMultiple settings
Front Sightnone
Max Shots per Fill145
Max Velocity920 fps
Muzzle Energy32 ft/lbs
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Rear Sightnone
Shot Capacity18
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Weight5.85 lbs

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