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FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator

FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
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FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
FX Dreamline, DreamLite Bottle, w/ Moderator
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  • Model: PY-4934-9948
  • Weight: 1.00kg
  • SKU: PY-4934-9948

Available Options

FX Dream-Lite Bottle with Donny FL Moderator

  • Smooth sidelever cocking action
  • Synthetic, quick-release skeleton stock
  • Smooth Twist X barrel
  • Barrel length: 500mm/19.685” (.177 & .22), 600mm/23.62” (.25 & .30)
  • Overall length: 37.75” (.177 & .22), 42.25” (.25 & .30)
  • Aluminum version Weight: 6.65 lbs. (.177 & .22), 6.95 lbs. (.25 & .30)
  • Carbon Fiber version Weight: 5.9 lbs (.177 & .22). 6.25 lbs. (.25 & .30)
  • Repeater
  • Magazine Capacity: 21 (.177), 18 (.22), 16 (.25), 14 (.30)
  • Air cylinder: 500cc Aluminum bottle or 480cc Carbon Fiber bottle 
  • Carbon Fiber Fill pressure: 250 BAR (3,625 psi)
  • Aluminum Cylinder Fill Pressure: 220 BAR (3,190 psi)
  • Foster quick-disconnect fill fitting
  • Shots per fill: 190 (.177), 135 (.22), 105 (.25), 42 (.30)
  • Muzzle energy: 18 fpe (.177), 32 fpe (.22), 47 fpe (.25), 75 fpe (.30)
  • Fully Shrouded barrel with Fixed DonnyFL Moderator
  • AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator
  • Externally adjustable hammer spring tension
  • 2-stage adjustable match trigger
  • Hogue AR-style pistol grip
  • 11mm dovetail rail for mounting optics
  • Forend Picatinny rail for bipod/accessories
  • 3-step transfer port adjustment
  • Includes magazine and 3-year transferable warranty

When Swedish airgun manufacturer extraordinaire FX Airguns introduced its Dreamline-model PCP air rifles, it added to its lineup yet another game-changing platform whose variations have since taken their places among the most sought-after air rifles in the world.

Not a company to rest on its laurels, FX brings even more adaptability to this already versatile selection with the Dream-Lite Bottle. Incorporating either a *500cc aluminum air bottle or an upgraded, 480cc carbon-fiber bottle, FX replaced the original Dream-Lite’s fixed, 220-290cc (depending on caliber) stock air cylinder, doubling the standard Dream-Lite’s air capacity. The bottle attaches to the FX Dreamline Bottle Adapter, which houses the AMP regulator and a Foster quick-disconnect fill connection. 

The Dream-Lite Bottles retain all the desirable features already incorporated into the standard version, including its highly modular versatility, allowing users to switch between stock and barrel configurations. A 2-stage, adjustable match-grade trigger factory-set with a 15 oz. pull, externally adjustable regulator and hammer spring and high-capacity rotary magazine all come stock.

Then there are the barrels... All FX Dreamlines employ the FX Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel. These FX-designed and engineered barrels give shooters the option of switching out different barrel liners to optimize the performance of specific types of ammo. They also give users the opportunity to change the caliber of their rifles by using different Dreamline barrel kits and FX STX liners, sold separately. All Dreamline STX barrels are fully shrouded and incorporate ½” UNF threading. Additionally, Pyramyd Air is including a Donny FL moderator with Dream-Lite Bottle models.

Available in .177, .22, .25 and .30 calibers, the manufacturer reports these guns can send pellets downrange at up to 940 fps in .22, 910 fps in .22, 890 fps in .25 and an as yet to-be-determined velocity in .30 caliber. Maximum reported muzzle energies are 18 fpe (.177), 32 fpe (.22), 47 fpe (.25) and 75 fpe (.30). The .177- and .22-cal. versions ship with a 500mm barrel, while the .25- and .30-cal models ship with a 600mm barrel. 

Whether you’ve been holding out for a Dreamline Lite with a removable air-storage option, you’re looking to add a highly customizable PCP to your arsenal or you’re just an FX Airguns aficionado who’s been drooling over the thought of this model, we’ve got you covered. Order yours today and enjoy shooting one of the most revolutionary airguns available today.

*The standard aluminum bottle weighs .75 lb. more than the carbon-fiber upgrade.

Body TypeRifle
Caliber.177" (4.5mm)
Fixed/adj. powerMultiple settings
Front Sightnone
Max Shots per Fill190
Max Velocity940 fps
Muzzle Energy18 ft/lbs
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Rear Sightnone
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Shot Capacity21
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Trigger Pull0.94 lbs
UpgradesAluminum Bottle
Weight7.0 lbs

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