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LaserMax Green Micro II Laser

LaserMax Green Micro II Laser
LaserMax Green Micro II Laser
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LaserMax Green Micro II Laser
LaserMax Green Micro II Laser
LaserMax Green Micro II Laser
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  • Model: PY-A-8624
  • Weight: 1.00kg
  • SKU: PY-A-8624

LaserMax Green Micro II Laser

  • Wavelength: 532 NM
  • Accuracy: Use Adjustable 
  • For 3/4" length rail and up 
  • Lumens: No
  • Power Output: <5MW
  • Battery Life: 1 Hour
  • Fits more models than any other laser
  • Ideally suited for the smallest compact and subcompact pistols
  • automatic time-out after 10 minutes prevents battery drain
  • ambidextrous tap on/tap off switch 
  • convenient quick-change battery hatch 


The LaserMax Micro II Laser is built as the first perfect fit for compact and subcompact models. Even though you may be limited on space on smaller pistols, the Micro II can fit on more handguns than any other laser--any model with an accessory rail over .75". No matter what your layout is, you’ll be able to instantly lock and zero in with a  vibrant green beam. 

A compact size provides a low profile on your accessory rail that won’t crowd the font of your handgun.  In an inventive move, LaserMax included a Weaver mount on the bottom of the sight, so you don’t lose access to your optic rail, even when the laser is mounted. Once you have the sight attached, use the easy the toggle switch paddles on each side of the device for seamless activation. Each sight is adjustable for windage and elevation to keep your shots centered. 

Want shots on target every time? Choose the LaserMax Micro II and never miss again!


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Item Code: LM-MICRO-2-G [PY-A-8624]
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